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The farm "Cavanna" is situated on the sunny hills of Cremolino, in the heart of the "Hig Monferrato".
Here there are six hectares of own vineyard, where Dolcetto, Barbera, Bonarda and Cortese are cultivated; the alcohol content of these wines can have a range from 11 to 14 degrees. 
The great-grandfather Antonio began the business of wine grower in 1950; his job has been continued by his sons Eugenio and Marco and then by his grandchildren, also them with the same passion that fascinated Antonio. 
The devotion of the whole family to this activity makes this wine even more unique. All processes are conducted in full compliance with the Piedmont tradition, but also considering the modern taste requirements. 
Thank to this constant effort high quality products have been obtained with an undisputed purity. 

Our vineyards are not all located in the same place; for that reason, over time, we attributed names to distinguish them. Two of these are: "La Traversa" because it crosses two hectares of our estate from east to west and "Le Ghiaie" so called because of the predominant gravelly ground.
Our custom is to observe the moon to program the various stages of transformation; with new moon (black) you should never work for Wine, with full moon (white), on the contrary, it is good for all kinds of wine; the first quarter (Hump to West) it is the optimal period to get sparkling wines, while the last quarter (Hump to rising) for long-aging wines and sweet wines. 
The best months for most wines are March, April and May, while for those that need a long aging are August and September; moreover, we avoid to bottle in wet or windy days.

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